alinaBefore we could even walk, we have been told who and what we should be or become. Our parents have told us (or gently whispered) what they thought we were good at and how we should act…Then we started school and teachers told us what they thought we were good at…….Finally, during your early teenage years, you get the all too cumbersome question: What do you want to do when you grow up? Most of us then panic and recall the countless comments from others, popular “TV show” careers or what those within our immediate surroundings are doing for a living. We pick an option because telling someone, “I really don’t have a clue” just might be translated into “I guess I will be a loser”. Most of us believed that if we attended the “right schools”, majored in the “right” program, then married the “right” person…well we would live happily ever after………. (Insert screeching halt here)….

Well if you are anything like me (don’t you feel lucky)…..you did all the “right” things only to feel completely unfulfilled and downright confused. As a result of this, I became a “self-help junkie” reading everything I could get my hands on that could possibly unlock my wonderfully abundant future. What I soon came to realize that if you want to see REAL change in your life you have to first change your mindset, then take some ACTIONS towards creating the life you desire and deserve.

I’ve also come to know that nothing is ever wasted and all of my past and current experiences are in direct alignment with my purpose. As a former teacher and Director of Admissions for a college, I’ve helped hundreds realize their full potential and gain the courage to create their best lives. Are you ready to truly start living?